Laser Beam Profiler

Laserland Co., Ltd. has provided high-quality lasers, optical accessories and optical instruments to domestic and foreign enterprises, universities and research institutes for many years. It is a world-renowned laser production and sales company.

The laser Beam analyzer independently developed by Laserland can realize laser spot detection and test applications. Provide customers with customized integrated design solutions for beam  analysis and support multi-application development. The accuracy of the product can completely replace the imported laser beam profiler.

By beam analyzer integrated design, matching attenuation design, the minimum measurable diameter is 40μm spot,and support real-time exposure and gain control.

The system can sample the continuo us visible laser spot, analyze the laser spot center, radius, ellipse ratio, etc., and perform two-dimensional and three-dimensional display of the light intensity energy field. It can be widely used in occasions where the shape of the laser spot needs to be detected, such as laser production, maintenance and laser applications. It is also commonly used in optical device quality inspection, laser cavity mirror adjustment, external optical path collimation, fiber alignment and coupling analysis, etc.

Since Laserland launched its self-developed product spot beam profiler, it has been tested and used by many domestic enterprises and scientific research institutes. Considering the huge demand for spot beam profiler and the high prices of foreign products, Radium Blue Laser has officially launched customized services for beam profiler. At present, it has been promoted in the market as a mature product with high cost performance and has been recognized by a large number of customers.

For each test performed by the laserland for the customer, the most reasonable solution will be made according to the specific needs, and the corresponding formula or basis will be provided as much as possible. Laserland is determined to provide more high-quality beam quality analysis systems for more optical companies!