Lumber Cutting, sawmill workshop, woodworking all need laser as their guide. Line laser modules like Laserland produces, make clear visual lines for woodworking industry and increase productivity.  Laser line generator modules are a must tool for tumber, log, lumber cutting and processing. Laser line generators are widely used for decades in wood machinary industries for brige saws, border egers, band saws, rip saws, board edgers, head saws, industrial chop saws, clipper saws, woodmizer and all the way down to basic assembly line part alignment in the processing of lumber, log, timber or wood automation. And in woodwork workshops for the making of rails, balusters, boards, furnitures, and other wooden parts. Saving a lot of human energy to draw lines. Even these kind of line lasers are used in automation industry like steel, plate, even cloth, rail, pcb cutting.

Then what kind of lasers suit your work most?


The choosing of lasers.

Red laser or green laser?

The green laser is more receiptive than the green ones. With the same power rate, the green ones are often much brighter than the red ones.

The choosing between red laser or green laser is depending on the ambient lightness of the working environment. Indoor environment, the red laser is a cost-effective option indeed. They are cheaper.  If the your working place is semi-outdoor,working under a tent,  or with big windows, or you need the lines projected far away, you’d better use green ones instead. Because the green lines are much easier to see.

1668 or 22100

Laserland has many options of laser line models. 1668 and 22100 are the most popular ones.

1668 features: Focus adjustable. That mean you can adjust the focal length of the laser line. and you can adjsust the width of the line. You can have thick line or thin line. The 1668 model has anti-vibrating and anti-dust design. It can work in a respectively harsh environment. 1668 model use wave-type line lens.

22100 features: No focus adjustable, with a fixed focal length at distance of 3-5 meters(10-20feet). You get the thinnest line at this distance. Waterproof level IP65. Anti-dust and anti-vibrating design. A bigger housing with a 22mm diameter housing means better heat emitting ability. If at the same power with the 1668 model, the 22100 laser can work longer time. And 22100 model use a rod type glass lens.

Mount and Bracket

all dimension adjustable mount

one dimension adjustable mount

3-axis ajustable mount