Pattern Design DOE Customization and Production for Laser Diffraction Gratings

Logo or Pattern can be customization like these ones.

We are a professional company can work with DOE design for Diffraction gratings, pls find the tital picture of the designs we did before.

if you are interested in this kind of DG, pls feel free to contact me. we need to know:

1. wavelength of the laser you have

2. output of the laser you have: normally, if your laser is less than 200mw, we recommend plastic sheet, if your laser is over 200mw, we recommend glass material.

3. the mother sheet price does not included.

4. the price is basically classified by three levels:

1), the simple geomatric patterns

2). characters and words

3). irregular patterns

5. we have more successfully design for some big companies, if you are interested with this item, pls contact me for free and let me know more details and more request of it.

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