Early in 2013, there is an article by Reuters named “Haunted house business gets boost as techs up thrill ante” (author Daniel Kelley)which introduces haunted houses which use laser technology as a new gadgets to boost business. In this article, lasers are to build laser swamp. Lasers have a far better fog or haze,  penetrating capability, and quality of pure color (same color wavelength), and with better quality to create lines than LED or than kind of light source.  With the development of semiconductor laser manufacturing, more and more haunted house runners add lasers to their device of thrill-creating.

Haunted House Laser Effects applying Diode Laser Module

Laserland is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of such green blue and red color laser module which project dot, line, sometime the lasers are used as light source in a designed spot in one of the haunted space or room. The beam of the dot laser can be seen as a line in a hazed or foggy atmosphere. The laser line projector which generate a laser line can present an effect of severed head or body to create horrifying scenes and customer’s high-pitch screams.

Laserland laser modues are well made and can work for hours to let you free of concerns of interruption. Some of these models can be dust-proof, waterproof, and easy for installation. And Laserland can make customization of the laser housing according to your specific requirements and embedded into your machine or device without difficulty.

There are many successful cases of Laserland laser products applied in haunted houses run by our clients in United States, Australia, Canada and other countries. Laserland prides on the stable performance, high quality, budget-saving characteristic of our laser products.