Laser excited phosphor (LEP), is an emerging laser lighting technology that is widely used in the lighting industry and creates new technologies for the lighting market.

The principle of laser exciting phosphor:

This is a new type of light source emitting device that emits blue laser light onto a phosphor element supported by a metal substrate through a focusing lens, and then the laser light is reflected from the phosphor and converted into broad-spectrum light. This technology combines the characteristics of laser and wavelength conversion, using phosphor materials to convert the wavelength of light to obtain red laser and green laser, which are then combined with the original blue aurora to emit white laser. White laser is a kind of mixed light, mainly composed of three kinds of photosynthetic light: red, blue and green.

Advantages of laser excited phosphors:

1.High brightness: Laser-excited phosphor can produce high-brightness light, which is brighter than traditional incandescent lamps or LED lighting equipment. This makes LEP lasers advantageous in situations that require powerful lighting, such as outdoor advertising lighting, large-scale stage performances, etc.

2.High color temperature: The light used by laser-excited phosphors has a high color temperature, which allows them to produce very real white light, closer to the effect of natural light.

3.High energy efficiency: Compared with other methods of generating white laser, laser-excited phosphor has higher energy efficiency. It can provide the same brightness or higher brightness at lower power, thus reducing energy consumption and heat.

4.Long life and low maintenance cost: Fluorescent materials are solid powders that are relatively stable and not easily damaged, so they have a long life.

As a new type of light source technology, laser-excited phosphor has a series of advantages such as high brightness, low beam divergence, long life and stable performance. It is especially suitable for special lighting fields and has shown great application potential in many fields.