A laser harp is a harp without strings, replaced by bright laser beams. This is a new type of musical instrument that combines laser technology and traditional musical instrument principles, with unique musical expression and innovation.

The principle of laser harp:

The harp is equipped with multiple lasers on the top and corresponding photoelectric sensors on the bottom. When the laser “string” is plucked, the finger blocks the laser beam, which triggers the corresponding photoelectric sensor, causing the sound system to emit the corresponding string tone. Therefore, by plucking different “strings”, you can play the corresponding string tones. In this principle, the photoelectric sensor is the key component to achieve photoelectric conversion in the photoelectric detection system. It is a device that converts optical signals into electrical signals.


Changes in the size and shape of the laser harp will not affect its pronunciation function. The laser can be installed on the upper side of the harp to illuminate downwards, or it can be installed on the body to illuminate upwards. Laser harp has broad application prospects. It can be used in many fields such as music performance, music education and home entertainment. In terms of music performance, the laser harp can be played in combination with traditional musical instruments to create unique musical effects; in terms of music education, the laser harp can be used as a new teaching tool to help students better understand and master music knowledge; in the family In terms of entertainment, the laser harp can be used as an interesting entertainment device, allowing people to enjoy the joy of music at home.


The development history of laser harps is relatively short. With the continuous advancement of laser technology and people’s increased interest in new music equipment, laser harps have gradually attracted attention and become a new direction in the musical instrument market.