Laser Customization

Laserland Lab and Production Facility has capability of designing and building laser modules with varies sizes and wavelength according to your requirements.

Bulk Supply of Laser Parts

Laserland has everything you need to build your own laser. Laser Diodes from SONY, Nichia, Osram etc. Focal Lens, Line and Cross Lens, ACC, APC driver circuits.

Secure Places to Buy

We has Laserland Store with Paypal, eBay store, amazon store, aliexpress store

Laserland focuses on laser manufacturing and sales for 10 years. We supply laser diodes, diode laser modules and of various sizes and wavelength, with reasonable prices, excellent quality for customers all around the world.

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Diode Laser Solution

Laser Module Customization and Manufacturing

Laser Optics and Driver Design and Manufacturing

Laser Product Prototype Building and Testing

Laser Safety Solution

Laserland has a Elite Experts and Sales Team

Why Choose Laserland

  • We are experienced supplier of laser modules, laser diodes, and laser accessories.

  • Laserland Lab is capable of laser design, laser testing and comprehensive solution

  • Wide range of laser module options by wavelength and sizes

  • FDA and CE certificate

  • We offer professional support because we care about your business as much as you.

Our Happy Clients