Hair Removal

Lasers use pulsed light to target, break down, and destroy the melanin (dark pigment) in hair. This is why it works so well on dark hair. The lasers will also target the melanin in dark skin, which can cause discoloration and why only certain devices should be used. Hair grows in three phases: growing, resting, and shedding. The lasers and pulsed lights target hair in the growth phase. Lasers and pulsed light target several follicles at once, so you can treat large areas of skin. While it would take years to perform electrolysis on the back or legs, a typical laser hair removal session on both legs usually takes under two hours. Lasers are great for treating the back, shoulders, arms, and chest. For the upper lip and chin, lasers work but only on dark hair. If you want to ensure the blonde hairs are zapped in these areas, your better bet is electrolysis for permanent hair removal.

Hair Restoration

Low power red diode lasers are proofed to be safe and effective for hair restoration and growth. Low and safe-level power diode laser module are often used as the core part of  Laser Therapy for stimulating hair rejuvenation. Tens of laser modules often 5mw red laser diode modules are made into laser hair rejuvenation hand-held gadgets as laser comb, laser helmet and laser band. For better healing effects, more than one hundred red laser modules can be made into a hooded laser housing for a maximum head coverage. This kind of device are often seen in salon spa or Hair Clinic environment.