Laserland provides 980nm laser diode module for our clients. 980nm ir laser module is an ideal laser for shooting video game. The gun let out the invisible ir laser signal and the terminator receives the the invisible laser signal. The longer distance demands higher laser power. Normally 30mW and below can work fine in the distance of 10 meters.

A 30mW 980nm laser module suite the video game device just fine. Laserland provide this kind of laser module as a key part of the game gun for many video game device manufacturer in China and other countries.

A 300mW 980nm laser module can be used as a long-range(usually 500 meters) simulating shooting system. Laserland can make customization for the system provider and make the laser module work fine in the system. A real-life military practicing or reality shooting game in the field can be realized without real bullets and make the practice real safe.