Laserland can make diffraction gratings or DOE(Diffractive Optical Elements) for laser pattern projection according to your design. The grating is widely used in laser projection, such as laser module, laser stage light grating, laser pen, laser level (grating line, cross line), laser cutting machine, laser scanner, laser flashlight, camera focused grating. The pattern can also be designed according to customer design.

We have some examples of the pattern we made before.

        1. Examples of Laser Projection DOE for Location or Alignment

   2. Examples of Laser Sign or Indicator Projection

   3.  Examples of Laser Pattern Projection


User instructions:
1. It is forbidden to touch the surface of raster lens with hand. It will lead to blurred graphics.

2. grating lens should pay attention to dust prevention. If there is dust on the grating, it will cause light pricking.