The primary use of a reticle laser is as a positioning and pointing tool. Its working principle is to use the high energy and directionality of the laser to emit a high-brightness cross line through an optical lens or grating. This line can be clearly displayed on the surface of the object and can be used as a reference line for precise positioning, greatly improving the accuracy and efficiency of work.


Product Specifications of Crosshair Laser:

Size: φ9*21 mm

Service Life: Continuous output, continuous service life >5000 hours

Output Wavelength: 635 nm/±5 nm

Output Power: <1 mw, 5 mw 10 mw

Range: 0.5-30 meters

Spot Shape: Cross

Circuit Control: APC Line

Working Voltage: DC=3 V, can be started with two dry batteries

Operating Current: I< 50 mA

Wire: 150 mm red and black electronic wire

Operating Temperature: -10℃~+40℃

Storage Temperature: -20℃~+60℃

Cross-line lasers are widely used in medical equipment, industrial inspection, industrial machinery, CNC equipment, power tools, engineering construction, building decoration, printing, textile and clothing, cutting and welding due to the advantages of cross-line directionality, good positioning accuracy and high brightness. Laser positioning, laser marking, laser level, laser vertical alignment, laser pointer and laser entertainment lighting in other fields; it is convenient, fast, intuitive and practical, easy to install, stable and reliable, which can improve work efficiency and reduce the cost of manpower and production time. , improve work accuracy.