Green laser is a short-wavelength laser that generally uses frequency doubling technology to convert the infrared light emitted by a solid-state laser into visible green light. Green laser is a widely used laser light source.

  1. Application in medical cosmetology

Green light lasers can be used for eye surgery, treating vascular disease, and removing tattoos, hemangiomas, and other skin problems. Because of its high power, the green light laser has a relatively short action time on the skin, does not cause thermal damage, and reduces the risk of surgery.

  1. Application in the field of color display

Laser display technology has the advantages of wide color gamut, high color purity, flexible display size, and no harmful radiation. It can be used in many fields such as projectors, digital cinemas, laser TVs, teaching demonstrations, and virtual reality simulations. It can provide high brightness, high contrast and high saturation images, making the display effect clearer and more realistic.

  1. Application in laser precision processing

Due to its high brightness, small focused spot, short action time, small heat-affected zone, and no large deformation of the workpiece due to processing, the green laser can process some materials with high hardness and brittleness. In precision machining It shows its unique advantages.

In practical applications, green lasers can achieve various applications in multiple fields and have very broad development prospects.