As a new generation of high-power, high-brightness lighting technology, laser lighting has broad application prospects in the fields of automobile headlights, aviation and navigation lighting, military flashlights, laser cinemas, and laser TVs.

There are many laser lighting modules, such as white laser modules, graphic laser modules, highway warning light laser modules, atmosphere light laser modules, lawn light laser modules, landmark light laser modules, etc. So, what are the specific applications of laser lighting?

  • Laser projection

Laser projection has the advantages of high brightness, low energy consumption, full color, long life, energy saving and environmental protection. It is often used in performing arts and entertainment activities, such as projectors, 3D laser projection lamps, large theater projection equipment and decoration of entertainment venues.

  • Laser headlights

As the light source of automobile headlights, laser has the characteristics of high irradiation brightness, long irradiation distance, small beam divergence, low energy consumption and long life. at present

  • Long-distance lighting

The laser module can produce a highly concentrated beam through focusing technology, so it can be used for long-distance lighting, such as strong light flashlights, outdoor landmark building lighting, high-speed laser lights, etc.

  • Stage laser lights:

Stage laser lights mainly generate laser beams through laser generators, and then focus the laser beams on a point through reflective lenses to form a strong beam. Stage laser lights have unique lighting effects, high flexibility, energy saving and environmental protection, so they are widely used in performances, bars or KTVs.

However, it should be noted that the installation of the laser module must comply with safety standards and must not shine directly into human eyes.