Laser is a kind of high brightness and high uniformity laser, which has a wide range of application prospects in architecture, decoration, engineering surveying, interior decoration, etc. The slotted laser is a semiconductor laser device that projects a slotted laser spot, with various specifications and small size, and plays an important light source in machine vision, laser obstacle avoidance, three-dimensional reconstruction, and auxiliary positioning.

A line laser is a light refraction and diffraction principle, and uses optical elements (lenses) to change the propagation path of the laser and project it onto the target surface. At present, it has been able to form a variety of laser patterns, such as lines, crosshairs, multiple parallel lines, grids, rings, frames or various symmetrical or asymmetrical graphics. Devices that can generate a linear laser are cylindrical/wave mirrors, Powell prisms, and DOE diffractive elements, which are common, and the device materials are plastic and glass.

The installation and use of the slotted laser is simple and convenient, and can be installed on the vertical or horizontal plane of the machine used, providing a visible laser marking, so that there is a visible, non-contact positioning line to guide the operation process throughout the production process. It has the advantages of convenient production operation and improved production efficiency. The laser line can be fine-tuned in 3D space to achieve the best results.

Machine vision line lasers are high-performance and high-reliability, widely used in various 2D/3D vision applications and inspection systems. The lenses used are cylindrical mirrors, wave mirrors, Powell prisms and DOE diffraction elements, which have good emission line effect, high precision and good line uniformity. Not only that, the slotted laser positioner can ensure the brightness and brightness of long-distance operation, which is suitable for large-scale construction projects and can ensure its normal operation.

Where is the application of slotted line lasers?

Slotted laser positioning device is a new type of precision positioning device, which can accurately match the projected line with the surface of the processed object, so as to ensure its precise movement. The system has the ability to measure the surface topography of the workpiece, so that faults can be detected and resolved in a timely manner. In addition, the slotted laser positioner can also monitor the wear of the guide rails, so that they can be replaced in time to ensure the good operation of the equipment. The slotted laser locator has the characteristics of fast speed, high precision and high reliability, which can assist users to complete the accurate positioning and identification of a variety of tasks. The product can realize the cutting and welding positioning of the workpiece, the positioning and positioning of the workpiece, the calibration of the hole position, and the detection of surface and flatness, providing users with efficient and accurate positioning services. At the same time, it can also be applied to the positioning and alignment of the workpiece, and the workpiece is accurately positioned through the projection straight line, so that the workpiece is aligned with other workpieces, so as to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the assembly. It can accurately locate the midpoint and azimuth of the hole position to ensure accurate machining positioning. Not only that, but it can also directly project the flatness of the measured surface, effectively improving the machining quality of the workpiece.