510-520nm green laser is diode laser. The green light directly comes from the laser diode. Meanwhile 532nm laser module need a 808nm laser diode and a crystal to convert 808nm light to 532nm laser.

Compasiron between 510-520nm grass green laser and 532nm deeper green laser.


  1. 510-520nm green light is purer than 532nm. 532nm has 808nm invisible laser mixed together if there is no ir filter.
  2. 510-520nm laser can work stably in low temperature environment. It doesn’t need time to warm up. The output power is more stable.


  1. Higher price.
  2. Less visibility for human eyes than 532nm green laser

Application of 510-520nm green laser module

Laser level for construction site, wood saw mills, etc. outdoor environment. It can work at hot or cold temperature.