20×20 Grid Red Laser Module

50×50 Grid Red Laser Module

50×50 Grid Red Laser Module

Structured light 3D scanning tech develops light source which projects multiple lines or grid on the object. Camera or multiple cameras are used for tracking the lines or grid at the same time . Previous laser scanners emit multiple laser dots on the object one after the other. Now, a new kind of laser module which produce multiple lines or grid improve the tracking quality of the camera.

This improvement made structured laser light 3D scanning more practical and accessible for small-scale research, commercial firms, and casual users.

Laserland has some DOE special designed of light patterns for 3D surface inspection. This kind of laser module working as structured light source for 3D laser scanner. 3D modeling became easy and affordable for developers.

Here is the list of 3D structrual Laser Light Source Laser Module. Laserland also provides customization of these kind of laser modules.

Laserland 3D Structural Light Source – Applications