Many times, our naked eyes cannot see all the dust. Only when exposed to a strong ray of light or a specific light will the tiny particles in the air become apparent. Hence, the invention of the green light-displaying vacuum cleaner.


Green light for vacuum cleaners – vacuum cleaners with green light dust display technology. This is a laser diode light source with a wavelength of 520nm. The divergence angle is customized through an optical lens to make the visible range wider. Green light dust display technology makes dust invisible during cleaning, making cleaning more efficient and cleaner.

The LED light source is a spherical light, and the light is weak and scattered. When shining on the dark ground, small debris and dust are easily ignored. The laser has high brightness and is close to parallel light. When illuminated by the light source, the dust shadow can be multiplied, forming a strong contrast with the ground. Fine dust can be effectively presented in the user’s sight. The green light refracted through the lens not only has the characteristics of soft and uniform illumination, but also improves the brightness of the green light and enhances the contrast of the dust projection on the ground, making it easier to see the dust on the ground.


Although the vacuum cleaner limits the power of the laser detection system, care should still be taken to prevent human eyes from looking directly at the laser.