Laser line marking instrument is a high-brightness laser line formed by beam expansion of a semiconductor laser. The color of the line is divided into many categories, mainly green and red.

The marking line produces a bright, clear, uniform, and highly collimated marking line by projecting a laser line on the object. The user can cut, align, or otherwise use the object based on the marking line. The laser marking instrument uses a semiconductor pump laser and has a long service life. The marking instrument is simple and convenient to install and use. It is available in a variety of colors such as red and green. It is also resistant to high temperatures and earthquakes.

Laser marking instruments are widely used in metallurgical steel plate cutting, stone cutting, wood cutting, machine vision, clothing production, cutting bed cutting, metal shearing and pressing, tire forming inspection, shoemaking machine positioning and other fields. Its high precision, high stability and small size reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve work efficiency and shearing accuracy.


Application scope:

  1. Iron and steel metallurgy industry: Provide high-brightness straight lines for steel plate edge trimming, playing a key role in unilateral shearing and bilateral shearing of hot and cold steel plates to avoid manual marking.
  2. Wood and paper processing industry: provide alignment indicator lines before pre-cutting wood.
  3. Marble processing industry: Marble has high strength. If the indicator line is not clear during the cutting process, the cutting will be uneven, and the tool coolant will cover the manual marking line. The use of laser marking lines effectively avoids this shortcoming.