The laser sight is an auxiliary aiming device that has the functions of aiming, indicating, deterring, and transmitting information. Usually the lasers used for aiming are green laser, red laser and infrared laser.

  1. Green laser:

The most common green lasers have wavelengths of 520nm and 532nm. The human eye is sensitive to the wavelength of green light, so the green laser display is brighter, and the brightness of the green laser is more than 50 times that of the red laser. A clear green beam can be seen even from a long distance.

  1. Red laser:

Regular red lasers are invisible under most daylight conditions. In a darker environment, bright light spots can easily dazzle the eyes, causing visual interference, covering the target, and affecting shooting accuracy. At this time, an unobvious red laser can be used.

  1. Infrared laser:

Infrared laser is an invisible laser, used for covert operations, and needs to be used with night vision products. Because it is invisible to the human eye, it is well concealed.

Laser has good monochromaticity and is not easily interfered by other light sources. And the laser has good convergence and is not easy to diverge. Therefore it is widely used in laser sights.