As one of the earliest infrared technologies applied in the security industry, laser infrared technology is mainly used in specific places such as forest fire prevention, oil fields and border surveillance. So, what are the advantages of laser technology in the security field?

Laser has strong penetrating power, very low false alarm rate, and long protection distance. It will not be affected and interfered by background light, objects of different temperatures, etc. like radio waves, and the detection distance can be adjusted according to usage requirements.

Advantages of laser technology in the security field:

  1. High photoelectric conversion rate: The electro-optical conversion efficiency of laser reaches more than 60%, which is more than 3 times that of LED infrared technology;
  2. High brightness and long irradiation distance: The laser has high power, and the beam has good directionality and small divergence. It can achieve long-distance high-brightness lighting, obtain clear video images, and accurately identify targets.
  3. Long life and strong reliability: Due to high luminous efficiency and low heat generation, the laser can operate stably for a long time. No need for frequent replacement and maintenance, reducing operating costs.
  4. Small size and high safety: The laser diode can be made smaller without affecting the luminous brightness. Security lasers generally use infrared light sources, which are invisible to the human eye and are safer and more concealable.

As laser technology matures, its application scenarios continue to expand. Laser has many advantages such as high brightness, long-distance lighting, and long life. The use of laser security monitoring is a very effective method with long-term development prospects.