The underwater environment is special and puts forward higher requirements for detection, communication and other technologies. As an advanced optical technology, laser technology has the characteristics of good directionality, concentrated energy, and long transmission distance, and has broad application prospects in the underwater field.



The wavelength selection of laser in the underwater field is crucial. Lasers of different wavelengths have a significant impact on the water penetration ability and the degree of biological tissue damage. Common underwater laser wavelengths include:

  1. Infrared laser: wavelength range is between 700nm and 1100nm, suitable for underwater detection and communication;
  2. Visible light laser: the wavelength range is between 400nm and 700nm, suitable for underwater image transmission and recognition;
  3. Ultraviolet laser: wavelength less than 400nm, fine processing and special applications.


The role of laser in the underwater field:

  1. Underwater detection: Laser has the characteristics of high brightness, short pulse, and high collimation. Lidar and laser sonar can achieve high-precision detection of underwater terrain and objects.


  1. Underwater communication: Laser communication technology has the advantages of high speed, large capacity, low bit error rate, etc., and is suitable for underwater information transmission.


  1. Underwater imaging: Underwater laser imaging systems are widely used in the maintenance and monitoring of maritime military equipment, the search of undersea military targets, and the survey and maintenance of undersea tunnels. The collimated and highly directional laser can improve the above problems encountered by light propagation in water, improve imaging quality and increase the effective survey distance.


  1. Environmental monitoring: Laser technology can monitor underwater environmental parameters, such as water quality, temperature, etc. It can also be used to monitor information such as seabed topography, underwater vegetation, underwater animals, etc.