The laser colors we use for positioning include red light, green light, blue light, blue-violet light, etc. The commonly used light spots are one-line, cross-line, dot-shaped light spots, concentric circles, etc. The multi-ring laser converts the laser beam into multiple concentric rings with controllable radius. The diameter and size of the rings can be adjusted, and the quantity can also be customized, thus obtaining a variety of different concentric ring laser patterns.


Advantages of concentric lasers:

  1. The light spot is an extension of the point-shaped light spot. The concentricity of the outer circle is very high, and the light spot is uniform and stable.
  2. Both large and small angles can be adjusted, and the quantity can be customized.
  3. Accurate positioning and small error.
  4. Easy to use and wide range of applications.

Concentric lasers are widely used in cake trowel positioning. Concentric lasers are used to assist cake trowel positioning, which is accurate and fast, greatly saving labor costs and time costs. In addition, concentric circles are also used in 3D maps, laser 3D printing, laser 3D processing, machine vision, and medical surgical inspections.