Laser skin rejuvenation uses laser equipment of specific wavelengths to act on aging skin, making the skin tender and improving aging, dullness and other problems.

Lasers can be classified into many categories based on different wavelengths, different emitting substances, and different treatment purposes. Laser skin rejuvenation uses the optical principle of laser. It uses the photothermal separation effect of laser to selectively heat skin tissue and stimulate the synthesis of new collagen, thereby improving skin texture, whitening and removing freckles, tightening wrinkles, and achieving skin rejuvenation.


Laser treatment is highly targeted and has little thermal effect. Coupled with the plastic cooling system, it can effectively reduce the burns caused by light and heat on the skin, and the postoperative results are natural. Laser stimulation can also reopen the repair and protection functions of cells, resist various external stimulation and damage, inhibit the activity and proliferation of melanin in the human body, prevent the reflux of melanin, stabilize the metabolic function of the skin, reduce melanin, and change the color of the skin. Lightly whitened.


The effect of laser skin rejuvenation is comprehensive, obvious and natural. It is safe, fast, non-damaging and has fast recovery. However, it should be noted that preoperative preparation and postoperative care must be done well, and it is not suitable for pregnant women, lactating women, patients with immune system diseases, etc.