Laser lighting is divided into visible laser lighting and infrared laser lighting. Infrared laser lighting is mostly used in night vision and night camera monitoring lighting. The infrared light is strong and uniform, which can enhance the night vision effect and obtain a clearer picture.


The laser night vision monitoring system mainly consists of laser lighting module, surveillance camera, mechanical circuit and display part. Laser lighting module is a semiconductor laser, which has the advantages of high power, good collimation and long lighting distance. So what are the advantages of infrared laser lighting?

  1. The lighting distance is long and the effect is good.

Laser power is high and the beam divergence is small, which can achieve longer-distance night vision illumination than LED light, expand the effective range of night vision equipment, and is more suitable for various environmental conditions and task requirements. Observed in night vision equipment, objects after infrared laser fill-in light are easier to capture and observe.

  1. Small impact on the environment.

The surrounding environment is often dark at night, and the night vision monitoring picture is not clear enough at this time. Infrared laser can be used to fill it, thereby reducing the impact of ambient light on the image, improving the quality of the image, and making the picture delicate and clear. Compared with LED infrared lights, infrared lasers have higher brightness. Although it is small in size, it can achieve a larger illumination distance, improve the illumination effect, and increase the brightness of the picture.

  1. Long life and safety

Semiconductor lasers have the advantages of high photoelectric conversion efficiency, long life, small size, light weight, safety and reliability. It is widely used in security, military reconnaissance, field search and rescue, scientific research and inspection and other fields.