Laser pointer, also known as laser pointer. This is a pen laser with a laser module designed to be a simple and portable visible laser. Common laser pointers include red light, green light, blue light and blue-violet light.

Laser pointer applications:

  1. Teaching/institutional training/work report

Laser pointers are often used as pointing devices in teaching and business presentations. Use electronic whiteboards, computer screens, etc. as blackboards through laser pointers to improve teaching effectiveness. Especially in large class teaching situations such as face-to-face courses, laser pointers are very effective in improving teaching effectiveness and allowing concentration.


  1. Astronomical star pointing

A green laser pointer beam can pinpoint individual stars on moonless nights. Astronomers giving astronomy lectures also use green laser pointers to indicate a specific star or location.


  1. Construction site/mining site

Used to accurately indicate buildings from a distance to avoid approaching dangerous areas.


  1. Wilderness traveler/explorer

Used for wild adventures, indicating distant targets or sending out distress signals, making travel more enjoyable and safer.


  1. Funny cats

Since cats like to hunt fast-moving prey in dim light, the light spots emitted by laser pointers will greatly arouse cats’ interest. However, it should be noted that when using a laser pointer to tease a cat, it should be combined with real objects (such as toys, snacks, etc.) to guide the cat to find it.


  1. Children should try to avoid contact with lasers. They should not irradiate others with lasers, let alone look directly at the laser light source.
  2. Try to choose regular channels to purchase laser pointers.
  3. Consumers are advised not to buy toys with laser shooting or laser aiming functions for children.