In recent years, laser zebra crossings have appeared at traffic intersections in many cities. This is a crosswalk laser safety warning device installed by the traffic police to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

The crosswalk laser safety warning device is equipped with two laser stakes, which are installed at the opposite corners of the zebra crossing. When a pedestrian is about to enter a crosswalk, the transducer detects the pedestrian’s presence. At the same time, a signal is sent to the laser piles in the same group, and a bright and clear red laser is immediately and simultaneously projected onto the pedestrian’s calf, forming a three-dimensional red projection. Moreover, these laser beams are safe for civilian use and will not cause harm to the human body.

The laser zebra crossing is combined with the intersection loudspeaker system. When pedestrians enter the crosswalk, the laser can be projected and voice prompts can be turned on simultaneously to remind passing pedestrians to pay attention to intersection safety. For pedestrians, it will remind pedestrians to pay attention to passing cars in the form of voice broadcast; for motor vehicles, it will emit a red laser at night, dyeing pedestrians’ calves below the knees with red light, making it easier to be spotted by drivers.

Laser safety warning equipment reduces the safety hazards of pedestrians crossing the street at night, and can also solve the difficulty of poor visibility in bad weather such as rain and fog. The device detects through sensors and emits light only when pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles pass through the zebra crossing. When no pedestrians pass by, the device will automatically stop working within the specified time and will not affect the normal driving of the vehicle.