Semiconductor lasers, also known as laser diodes, are lasers that use semiconductor materials as their working material. Semiconductor diode lasers are the most practical and important type of laser. It has a small size, long life, and can be pumped by simply injecting current. Its operating voltage and current are compatible with integrated circuits.

Semiconductor lasers have many advantages:

  1. Low energy consumption:

Semiconductor lasers have high electro-optical conversion efficiency and low power consumption. It can run on a low voltage of 5V, or a button battery can provide sufficient power.

  1. Small size and can be mass produced:

Semiconductor lasers are small and can be used in various highly integrated applications. Because of its small, layered structure, it can also be used in photolithography and planar process technology, making it suitable for mass production.

  1. Can be monolithically integrated:

Because it is monolithic, the same type of semiconductor laser can be integrated on the same substrate, and it has a solid mechanical structure.

  1. Wide wavelength range:

The wavelengths of semiconductor lasers include infrared light, visible light, and ultraviolet light. This makes semiconductor lasers widely applicable in different applications.

  1. Adjustable:

The laser can adjust the wavelength of the light it outputs within a certain range.

  1. Strong plasticity:

The laser spot can be changed into various graphics through the optical lens, such as straight lines, cross lines, grids, parallel lines, random speckles, square spots, etc.