In recent years, with the improvement of the ecological environment and the increasing awareness of people to protect birds, there are more and more birds. But many problems have arisen, such as damage to crops, damage to power lines and threats to aircraft aviation.

For birds, vision is the most sensitive, especially to green laser with a wavelength of 532nm. Because the 532 green light bird repellent module can effectively solve this problem. The green light bird repellent module uses a semiconductor laser as the bird repellent source and emits a green laser beam to drive away birds. The movement of the laser spot has a frightening and driving effect on birds without causing harm to them.

The green light bird repellent module has many advantages:

  1. Laser safety

The laser beams emitted by most laser bird repellers are classified as Class II lasers and are harmless to humans. The laser beam can be directed towards human skin without causing any damage to the skin. However, bird repellent personnel should avoid looking directly into the laser beam.

  1. Green and environmentally friendly

Green lasers do not cause any harm to birds or the environment and are an environmentally friendly solution that is more sustainable than traditional bird repel methods.

  1. No adaptability

Bird repellent personnel can change the scanning speed, angle and laser power of the laser beam to make it difficult for birds to prevent them and leave no chance for adaptation.

  1. Efficient and reliable

The green bird repellent module has high power, high efficiency and high stability. It can work stably in different environmental conditions and repel birds quickly and effectively.

  1. Wide coverage

The green laser beam has the advantage of ultra-long irradiation distance and can cover a wide area. Birds will feel uncomfortable and threatened and actively move away from the affected area.