Lasers can emit light spots with high collimation and various shapes. We only need to project the laser pattern onto the target object, and then we can crop, cut, line and position according to the laser lines.

Advantages of laser positioning and marking:

  1. The effect is clear and accurate: The laser can achieve millimeter-level precision and accuracy by adjusting the focus and position of the laser. And the laser lines are clearly visible, even in bright light or at long distances.
  2. High work efficiency: Laser can quickly generate various patterns without manual operation. This significantly improves work efficiency, reduces time and labor costs, and has a very low error rate.
  3. Wide range of use: Laser can position and mark lines on various materials, planes, angles, and distances.

Application of laser positioning and marking:

  1. Metallurgical industry: Provides high-brightness quasi-straight lines for steel plate edge trimming, plays a key role in unilateral shearing and bilateral shearing of hot and cold steel plates, avoids manual marking errors, and reduces manual work intensity.
  2. Mechanical processing industry: used for precision instrument manufacturing and cutting to achieve high-precision cutting.
  3. Wood and paper processing industry: Provide alignment indicators before pre-cutting wood.
  4. Stone processing industry: Stone has high strength. If the marking lines are not clear during the cutting process, the cutting will be uneven, and the tool coolant will cover the manual marking lines during the cutting process, resulting in cutting errors. The laser scriber can effectively avoid this. overcome this shortcoming.