Lasers can be divided into continuous lasers and pulse lasers. Continuous lasers can output continuously for a long period of time and have high thermal effects.

Due to its continuous operation mode and waveguide structure, the continuous laser has the advantages of uniform output laser energy, high gain, high conversion efficiency, ultra-high power output, good beam quality and stable performance. It is widely used in laser display and transmission. It is used in various fields such as sensory, military, industrial processing and medical treatment. The following mainly talks about its industrial applications:


  • Laser welding

The laser energy output by the continuous laser is relatively uniform, the welding quality is high, and a more uniform and beautiful weld seam and a stable welding interface can be obtained. Currently used in welding thick metal steel plates or ships and military equipment.

  • Laser cutting

Continuous lasers have excellent beam quality and stability, and can accurately cut thick plates and improve processing efficiency.

  • Marking and engraving

Continuous lasers can be used to mark and engrave object surfaces, such as lettering, patterns, etc. This is often used in the manufacturing industry for product identification, anti-counterfeiting and traceability.

  • Other applications

Continuous lasers are also widely used in car body laser welding lines, laser handheld welding, laser metal 3D printing, etc.