Faced with the hair loss problem that troubles many people, various folk remedies have emerged – rubbing the hair with ginger, rubbing the hair with medicinal wine, washing the hair with beer, and washing the hair with salt water. Under this trend, laser hair growth caps have become a new product. So what exactly are laser hair growth caps?

The principle of laser hair growth cap is a hair growth technology that uses medical soft laser to stimulate the roots of hair follicles, promote the absorption of nutrients at the roots of hair follicles, and thereby promote new hair growth. Infrared laser irradiation accelerates the penetration of nutrients and promotes normal tissue repair. Low-energy laser can stimulate senescent cells in hair follicles, accelerate senescent cell apoptosis, and promote the growth of scalp hair follicle stem cells. Commonly used wavelengths are 625-655nm and 780nm, and the more commonly used wavelength is 650nm. This method can improve hair loss caused by bad habits to a certain extent, but has no effect on hereditary hair loss.

This hair growth principle has now been applied to many products, such as laser hair growth caps, laser hair growth devices, laser hair growth helmets, etc. Before purchasing, you need to check whether it has CFDA, FDA, CE and other safety certifications and whether it has been verified by doctors, experts and clinical trials to ensure safety.