With the development of science and technology, laser technology has been widely used in our daily life. So, what are the related applications of laser in urban roads?


  1. Road lighting application

Nowadays, with the improvement of automobile performance and the popularization of highways, the lighting distance of 200-300 meters of traditional high beams is obviously not enough, so the output of laser headlights has emerged. Laser headlights are car headlights that use lasers as light sources. The principle of laser headlights is: the blue light of the laser light-emitting diode will penetrate the fluorescent phosphor material in the headlight unit and convert it into a diffuse white light, which is bright and more eye-friendly. Laser headlights have most of the advantages of LED headlights, such as fast response, low brightness attenuation, small size, low energy consumption, long life, etc.

  1. Highway warning application

The anti-fatigue laser light on the highway not only has a long beam irradiation distance, but is also energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The green laser is particularly visible at night, which can effectively stimulate the driver’s brain and play an anti-fatigue role. By stimulating the driver’s senses and improving driving safety awareness, the effect is particularly obvious at night, rain, snow, fog and other bad weather conditions, reducing the incidence of accidents.

  1. Applications in driverless driving

Autonomous driving is mainly applied to lidar. Lidar works by using the emission, reflection and reception of visible and near-infrared light waves to detect objects. Lidar can detect road vehicles, pedestrians, obstacles, etc. within its surrounding radius at all times and make timely avoidance actions. It can also detect the distance between a specific object and the car, day or night. Due to the difference in reflectivity, lane lines and road surfaces can also be distinguished, but it cannot detect blocked objects or objects that cannot be reached by the beam, and its performance is poor in rain, snow and fog.

There are still many applications of lasers on roads. Laser technology is still developing and has broad application prospects in the future.