Laser positioning is an application technology that uses laser beams to assist positioning without contact. It usually uses a laser to emit laser spots of different shapes, and uses the position and shape of the spot to assist measurement and positioning.

Types of laser positioning:

  1. One-line laser positioning

That is, a straight line, the diameter of which can be thick or thin, long or short. The one-line positioning light spot can help with aligned cutting of various wood and stone materials, cutting of cloth on the cutting machine, etc.

  1. Cross-hair laser positioning

That is, a line that crosses each other perpendicularly, the spot shape of a cross line. It can be used for garment positioning, woodworking production, fabric cutting, machine tool processing, drilling positioning, machine vision applications, etc.

  1. Multiple parallel lines laser positioning

Multiple one-word lines are parallel to each other at fixed intervals, which is suitable for parallel division. Can be used to determine whether walls are vertical, horizontal, parallel and aligned.

Laser positioning can be used in many fields, including industrial automation, indoor navigation, clothing positioning, cutting wood positioning, etc.