Blue laser refers to a laser located in the blue band light source, with a wavelength in the range of approximately 400 nm-500 nm. Blue-ray laser has the characteristics of short wavelength, small diffraction effect, and high energy. It has broad application prospects in material processing, optical information storage, display technology, communication technology, laser medical treatment, etc.

  1. Blu-ray laser projector:

Blue laser diodes are used in blue laser projectors. This projection technology provides a wider color gamut and higher contrast. Laser irradiation of fluorescent substances can produce natural, multi-color, high-brightness white light, which can achieve clear projection effects.

  1. Optical storage:

Blue-ray lasers are widely used in optical storage technology, such as in Blu-ray Discs, which greatly increase the storage capacity of Blu-ray Discs.

  1. Biomedical applications:

In biomedical research and medical equipment, blue lasers are used for fluorescence excitation, such as fluorescence microscopy. Blue light laser therapy device has the functions and effects of sterilizing and reducing inflammation, promoting subcutaneous cell regeneration, and improving skin quality.

  1. Optical communication:

Blue lasers can also be used in optical communications systems, especially for applications requiring high bandwidth.

  1. Beam marking and cutting:

Blue laser has short wavelength and high energy. In industrial applications, blue lasers can be used for high-precision laser marking and cutting, with good engraving and focusing effects.

  1. Stage lights

Blue-ray laser is widely used in performance stages, laser shows, KTV and other entertainment venues to enhance the atmosphere of the scene through laser beams or laser patterns of various colors.