Laserland has many clients who are running haunted houses or fright houses. They are building laser swamp with laser line modules to create frighting zombies who seems to move on a surface with only their upper body. And they build laser vortex or laser tunnel with laser dot module.

Laser line module generates or projects laser line to simulate water surface. Laserland has different modules which produce red line, green line, blue line, purple line.

Laser Vortex or Laser Tunnel is often build by dot laser module. Laserland has different modules which produce red dot, green dot, blue dot, purple dot. The dot will be adjust to a tunnel or vortex by lens.

Laserland has 16mm diamter, 18mm diameter, 20mm diameter, 22mm diameter cylinder shape laser modules which are well made, and made of by aviation aluminium. The housing of the laser modules are specifically designed by better heat emitting effect, which lets the module work for 12-48 hours. And some laser module are waterproof, and can work in damp or wet environment. All the modules are designed for dust-proof with one-time made tail. The laser modules can work without problem in dusty environment.