Basic about Low-level laser (or light) therapy (LLLT)—also known as cold or soft laser, biostimulation, or photobiomodulation—is an emerging therapeutic approach in which cells or tissue are exposed to low-levels of red and near-IR light from lasers or LEDs. It might either stimulate or (less likely) inhibit cellular function, leading to reduction of cell and tissue death, improved wound healing, increasing repair of damage to soft tissue, nerves, bone, and cartilage, and relief for both acute and chronic pain and inflammation. Cited from 9 July 2009, SPIE Newsroom. Article from SPIE.ORG, DOI: 10.1117/2.1200906.1669.

LLLT  usually is used in a way like acupuncture, stimulating acupoints to help the increase of blood supply. The laser or led light also be called “cold” or “low level laser” for the reason that the laser light cause no or tiny heating effect or damage when human skin contact with the laser light. It proofs a new cost-effective therapy for pain could elevate quality of life while reducing financial strains. It involves the use of red or near infrared lasers on injured muscles, tendons, ligaments to improve healing, reducing chronic and acute pain.

Some low power laser has effect at treat effect of some disease like hair loss. Low Level Laser Therapy are discussed seriously more often by professionals nowadays. Some scholars from some famous medical shools writes thesis like “Role of Low-Level Laser Therapy in Neurorehabilitation” by Javad T. Hashmi, MD, Ying-Ying Huang, MD, Bushra Z. Osmani, MD, Sulbha K. Sharma, PhD, Margaret A. Naeser, PhD, LAc, and Michael R. Hamblin, PhD. In the above thesis, they describe that: Currently accepted therapies consist of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, steroid injections, opiate pain medications and surgery, each of which carries their own specific risk profiles. What is needed are effective treatments for pain which have an acceptably low risk-profile. For over forty years, low level laser (light) therapy (LLLT) and LED (light emitting diode) therapy (also known as photobiomodulation) has been shown to reduce inflammation and edema, induce analgesia, and promote healing in a range of musculoskeletal pathologies.

Some of’s client buy low power and small size laser modules like 0813 Model( 8mm diameter and 13mm length) 635nm, 650nm, 780nm laser diode module for their medical device. The laser devices which they build for LLLT or cold laser therapy of some certain kind of diseases treatment apply a matrix or a set of small power laser modules like 5mw or 10mw.


Fig. Some of Laserland’s laser diode modules which are often used for LLLT device.