The dual-wavelength power meter reading laser is a light source device used for meter reading instruments. It only needs to scan the meter to read and upload the meter data.

Laser positioning of electricity meters usually uses dual-wavelength power meter reading lasers, which is a method of using laser technology to read power meters. The power of this laser is very small. The device uses two semiconductor laser diodes with different wavelengths to emit laser beams for positioning and measurement. Compared with the traditional method of recording electricity meters, meter reading using laser technology has the advantages of being faster, more accurate, more efficient, more accurate in data reading, and easier to use. It greatly improves the efficiency of power meter reading and reduces the time of manual searching and reading. At the same time, laser positioning can also avoid the problems of manual misreading and misreading, and improve the accuracy of data.


working principle

It emits a 980nm infrared line laser for measurement and scanning, and emits a 650nm red light line laser to achieve accurate positioning of targets by the human eye. And by taking advantage of the principle that infrared beams are less affected by external light, data can be read accurately even when there is sufficient sunlight.

This kind of laser technology is not only limited to the use of electricity meter reading, but also has other rich applications, such as scanning code guns for reading scanned documents, supermarkets or other various scenes.