The blowback toy laser head refers to the automatic ejection and reloading laser transmitter toy gun, which has a high reputation. This toy gun is not a simulated gun and does not have the ability to hurt people. It is a legal toy gun.

The blowback shell ejection toy laser transmitter is a small laser component, consisting of a semiconductor laser diode, lens, battery and circuit board. Its principle is to use a toy gun switch to control the work of a semiconductor diode to form a focused laser beam. The lens is used to adjust the divergence angle and shape of the laser beam so that the laser can be collimated towards the object being measured.


Blowback toy laser heads have many advantages. First of all, it has an ingenious design and can be powered by a button battery and is completely disconnected from the socket; secondly, it has low power and high safety; finally, its operation process is stable and its lifespan is long. As a laser emitting device, this kind of laser head is commonly used in shell-throwing toy guns and laser simulation shooting, which improves the visual effect and entertainment of the toy and has a good experience effect.

Blowback toys are legal. They are laser toy guns with automatic shell ejection and reloading. They do not have the function of shooting solid objects such as plastic or metal. Only by blowing back the toy laser head, an ultra-low power harmless beam is emitted. However, when using the blowback toy laser head, we need to pay attention to the fact that the laser produces a high-energy beam, so we must avoid direct exposure to human eyes and take protective measures. It is best to wear safety glasses.