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February 2024

Diode Laser Application: Laser Harp

A laser harp is a harp without strings, replaced by bright laser beams. This is a new type of musical instrument that combines laser technology and traditional musical instrument principles, with unique musical expression and [...]

January 2024

Application of Lasers in the Field of Projection

Laser projection technology is an important development direction of current projection equipment technology and is receiving increasing attention and being widely used. Laser projection technology has the advantages of high brightness, bright colors, and color [...]

Application of Horizontal Line Laser

Horizontal line laser refers to a laser that emits a straight horizontal line. The principle is based on a special structure within the laser, with one or more emitters converting the laser beam into horizontal [...]

Application of Laser in 3D Scanning

When it comes to laser 3D scanning, you can see its important role in modern industry, architecture, cultural heritage protection and other fields. Laser 3D scanning technology achieves high-precision, fast, and non-contact three-dimensional data collection [...]

Laser Excited Phosphor

Laser excited phosphor (LEP), is an emerging laser lighting technology that is widely used in the lighting industry and creates new technologies for the lighting market. ​ The principle of laser exciting phosphor: This is [...]

Applications of Fiber Coupling Diodes

Fiber coupling diode is a common photoelectric conversion device that can convert light energy into electrical energy and realize the reception and transmission of optical signals. It uses fiber coupling technology to couple the output [...]