A multi-line laser is a laser source that can emit multiple laser lines. By adjusting the parameters of a laser, it can be made to emit radiation at multiple wavelengths. This new type of laser is called a multi-line laser. The light spot is a source of multiple parallel laser lines. Its emergence has greatly enriched the application fields of laser technology.

Important parameters of multi-line lasers include wavelength range, output power, line width, stability, etc. Among them, the wavelength range determines the number and type of laser lines that the multi-line laser can emit; the output power determines the intensity of the laser; the line width reflects the frequency stability of the laser; and the stability reflects the working stability of the laser.


Multi-line lasers can be divided into two categories: continuous operation and pulse operation according to their working methods. Continuously operating multi-line lasers emit laser light throughout the entire working process, while pulsed operating multi-line lasers emit laser light during a specific period of time.

Multi-line lasers are widely used in spectral analysis, optical measurement, biomedicine, material processing and other fields. For example, in spectral analysis, multi-line lasers can provide lasers of multiple wavelengths to achieve comprehensive analysis of samples; in biomedicine, multi-line lasers can be used in multi-color flow cytometers to achieve multi-parameter analysis of cells. Analysis; In manufacturing, multi-line laser structured light systems are often used for three-dimensional shape measurement and quality inspection of workpieces. In cultural heritage protection, multi-line laser structured light systems are also widely used in the fields of cultural heritage protection and digital reconstruction.