Laser engraving machine is a kind of high-tech product, and the product has a high technical content of optical, mechanical and electrical integration. With the successful research and development of laser engraving technology, the engraving industry began to develop rapidly. The laser engraving module on the engraving machine is also used in many industries, and the following are the main applications:

  1. Engraving and processing applications of wood

The first is logs, which are one of the most common laser-processed materials in our daily lives, which can be easily carved and cut. For example, light-colored woods such as birch, cherry or maple are easily vaporized by lasers and are therefore more suitable for engraving. The second is plywood, which is an artificial wood board and one of the commonly used materials for furniture.

  1. Application of glass handicrafts

Laser engraving handicrafts refer to the use of high-energy laser beams projected onto the surface of the material, so that the surface of the material undergoes physical and chemical changes, so as to obtain visible patterns of engraving handicrafts. Acrylic, the most common material in our daily life, is actually a kind of plexiglass, which is easy to cut and carved into a variety of shapes and sizes, and the cost is relatively low, so it is natural that it has become the most commonly used engraving material in the craft industry. Under normal circumstances, plexiglass adopts the back carving method to make the finished product more three-dimensional.

  1. Application in leather industry

In the traditional leather industry, the electric shear speed is slow, difficult to typeset, low efficiency and material waste is serious. Whereas, laser engraving cutting speed is fast and easy to operate. The edge of the leather cut out is not yellow, and it is also automatically edged or curled, not deformed, not hard, and the size is consistent and accurate; It can cut any complex shape; High efficiency, low cost, computer design graphics, can cut lace of any shape of any size; There is no mechanical pressure on the workpiece for machining; Safe operation, simple maintenance, etc. Therefore, laser engraving machines are also widely used in the leather industry.