Summer is the season when fatigue driving is high. The weather is hot, it is easy to get tired after driving the vehicle for a long time, especially on the highway, the road environment is single, the traffic interference is less, the speed is stable, and it is easy to make the driver enter a state of fatigue, and it is very dangerous to drive in this state. Attentive car owners will find that some high-speed sections will appear at night a series of green “beams”, this green laser is called “anti-fatigue laser light”, used to remind drivers to pay attention to safety at night.

The laser beam has a long range (up to 2 km) and is usually located on a straight section of the road. The green laser is especially obvious at night, and there are two forms, steady light and strobe, which can effectively stimulate the driver’s brain and play an anti-fatigue role. This laser light can freely adjust the angle without affecting the driver’s line of sight, form a beam interweaving network in the direction of the incoming vehicle, can realize the sound and light trinity warning function of laser, flash, high-pitched alarm, and aims to “stimulate” the sleepy eyes through the change of light and sound, change the visual fatigue brought by a single driving environment, and enhance the driving safety awareness of the accident-prone road section through the formation of sensory stimulation to the driver, and the effect is particularly obvious in bad weather conditions such as night, rain, snow, fog, etc., Subjectively, it can greatly reduce the risk of driving safety and reduce the accident rate.

Not only that, but the laser projector is also energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly in comparison. Green laser projectors use a high-efficiency laser light source and electronic control circuitry to reduce electricity consumption. Compared with traditional LED lights, laser lights have lower power consumption, only 9 W of electrical power can irradiate a distance of more than 3 kilometers, and the power of the solar panel battery is also sufficient, the service life is longer, and the IP 67 waterproof and dust-proof level has the advantage of adapting to harsh environments. The use of green laser projectors can effectively reduce the safe operation cost of expressways, and also meet the development needs of environmental protection and low carbon emissions.

Anti-fatigue laser lights are just a reminder, the most important thing is to avoid fatigue driving.

  1. Get enough sleep

When driving at night, it is best not to drive for more than 2 hours, and at the same time be careful to avoid driving in the afternoon and at night as much as possible.

  1. Arrange the driving time scientifically and reasonably

During holidays, fatigue driving is likely to occur, so it is recommended that drivers avoid driving in the afternoon and at night as much as possible. Drive continuously for no more than 4 hours, and stop for a break of not less than 20 minutes

  1. The continuous driving time at night shall not exceed 2 hours, and it is best to drive by 2 people in turn, alternating rest.
  2. Arrange rest methods reasonably

Drivers should avoid maintaining a fixed position for a long time while driving, and can adjust their sitting posture and take deep breaths from time to time to promote blood circulation and eliminate fatigue. If you feel drowsy while driving, you should pull into the service area or exit the nearest exit to stop and rest on the expressway.