The 405nm blue-violet laser is characterized by short wavelength and high energy density. It is a very common laser in industry and is widely used in many applications. What we want to introduce below is its application in the plate making process.

The wavelength of the 405nm laser is matched to the photoresist, so it has a higher light absorption rate, which can provide higher resolution and thinner linewidth. In addition, it has the advantages of small spot size and high light intensity, which can achieve higher exposure speed and finer pattern details.


The 405nm laser projects the circuit pattern directly onto the photoresist, reducing operating steps and improving production efficiency. Due to the high pattern quality and high production efficiency provided by the 405nm laser. It is widely used in many fields.

The 405nm laser can be used as an optical pump for other large-power lasers to stimulate the working material to emit light, and is used in laser cutting, laser marking, etc.; secondly, it can also excite the material into an excited state by absorbing external energy and emit light in the excited state. Applications In the fields of scientific research, material analysis and other fields; in PCB plate making, the 405nm laser directly projects the circuit pattern onto the photoresist, with high manufacturing efficiency and low cost; in CTS laser plate making, it directly transfers the digital image to the printing screen It is fast, efficient, environmentally friendly and energy-saving.