Laser is a highly concentrated light beam that is monochromatic, directional and brighter than ordinary light sources.

Laser Applications

  1. Industrial field: laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking, laser engraving, etc., can improve production efficiency and product quality.

  1. Medical field: laser surgery, laser treatment, laser beauty, etc., which have the advantages of less bleeding, less trauma, and quick recovery.

  1. Scientific research fields: laser spectroscopy, lidar, laser communications, etc., which can be used for analysis and detection of elements, atmosphere, geophysics and other aspects of research.

  1. Military field: laser weapons, laser guidance, laser jamming, etc., which have the advantages of high precision, fast speed, and high power.

  1. Communication field: Optical fiber communication and wireless laser communication can realize high-speed and large-capacity data transmission.

  1. Beauty field: laser spot removal, laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation, etc. can achieve skin beauty effects.

  1. Biomedicine: Laser acupuncture, laser therapy, etc. can be used for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

  1. Environmental protection: Laser monitoring, laser purification, etc. can be used for pollution monitoring and control of the atmosphere, water bodies, etc.

The spectral purity of laser is very high, and the wavelength distribution range is very narrow, close to monochromatic light. Secondly, the emission direction of the laser is very concentrated and the divergence angle is very small, which allows the laser to maintain a high intensity during transmission and is suitable for long-distance transmission and precision aiming. The power of laser is also very high, which makes laser has high application value in cutting, welding, marking and other fields. With the development of laser technology, the application of laser will be further expanded in the future.