Excimer Laser and Applications

Excimer laser is a laser instrument widely used in medical, scientific research, industry and other fields. It has the characteristics of short wavelength, high energy, and short pulse time. It is currently the laser with the largest output power in the ultraviolet band, providing unique advantages for various applications.


  1. Subdivision types of excimer laser

Excimer laser is a molecular laser composed of two elements, one of which is halogen (such as chlorine, fluorine, bromine, etc.) and the other element is a rare gas (such as argon, krypton, etc.). Common excimer lasers include argon fluoride (ArF), argon chloride (ArCl), and krypton fluoride (KrF).


  1. Wavelength of excimer laser

Different types of excimer lasers have different wavelengths. The following are the wavelengths of several common excimer lasers:


(1) ArF laser: wavelength 193nm, photon energy 6.4eV, mainly used for ophthalmic diopter correction surgery.

(2) KrF laser: wavelength 248nm, photon energy 5.0eV, mainly used for semiconductor lithography.

(3) XeCl laser: wavelength is 308nm, photon energy is 4.0eV, mainly used for flat panel display manufacturing.

(4) XeF laser: wavelength is 351nm, photon energy is 3.5eV, mainly used in industrial micro-machining field.

(5) F2 laser: wavelength is 157nm, photon energy is 4.9eV, mainly used in industrial micro-machining field.


  1. The role of excimer laser

Excimer laser has the following functions:

(1) In the medical field, excimer lasers are widely used in ophthalmology, dermatology, orthopedics and other fields. Such as: myopia laser surgery, skin lesion treatment, bone tissue repair, etc.


(2) Scientific research field: Excimer laser can be used for research in photolithography, photochemistry, spectroscopy, material processing, etc.


(3)Industrial field: Excimer laser plays an important role in microelectronics, optoelectronics, semiconductor and other industries, such as photolithography process, laser cutting, laser welding, etc.


(4) Material processing: Excimer laser can be used for material surface modification, fine processing, film preparation, etc.


(5)Environmental protection: Excimeres can be used in environmental protection fields such as air purification and sewage treatment.